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Integrate any HRIS, SSO or Chat & Collaboration software like Slack or Teams.

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Use Nectar to recognize great work, redeem rewards, promote core values and increase employee engagement. 




Why do I need an employee recognition platform?

Recognize with Shoutouts

Redeem Points for Rewards

One of the top 5 reasons for employee turnover is a lack of recognition. Increase employee loyalty by recognizing hard work - anytime, anywhere. 

Boost Employee Morale

Happy employees are engaged and productive. A recognition platform helps maintain high morale throughout the entire year.

Reinforce Company Core Values

Memorizing the core values isn't enough. A recognition platform allows you to make company values a focus every single day.


Connect Remote Teams to Culture

Team members working remotely feel isolated from the rest of the company. Peer recognition ties remote workers to each other & your culture.

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Set Birthday & Work Anniversary recognition on Autopilot

Create Alignment with Custom Challenges

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Members of your team are doing great things every day -don't let them go unrecognized. Send a shoutout, add points, and attach a core company value.

Make shoutouts even more fun with GIFs, emojis, and badges.

What good are points if you can't redeem them for awesome rewards? Nectar has the most extensive rewards catalog:

Automate recognition so you never miss an employees' birthday or work anniversary.

Nectar integrates with your HRIS system to automatically celebrate these events based on the employee birth date and company start date.

Your business is unique, so Nectar allows you to create custom challenges to align your team around special initiatives. 

Some commonly created challenges include:

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  • Company-branded swag

  • Digital gift cards

  • Amazon products

  • Charitable donations

  • Create-your-own rewards

  • Employee wellness initiatives

  • Continued learning courses

  • Monthly book challenge

  • Company Glassdoor review

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