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Rob S, VP of Revenue Operations


“Nectar is helping us to create a culture of sharing, collaboration and recognition. I'm seeing proof that it's not the size of the reward that matters, but that recognition is simply happening.”

Lynette M, HR Director


“Nectar is the best low maintenance, on the spot recognition program. I love that the employees have some autonomy in giving recognitions to their peers. They get to send a shout out so everyone in the company can see what great thing they have done and they can do it right away without any type of management approval."

Diversified Insurance Group

Sean O, Executive Vice President

“Nectar is simple, user-friendly, and provides an exceptional platform for team members to recognize, reward and appreciate one another. We replaced an old system of team member acknowledgement with Nectar and engagement and participation and increased significantly. I really don't have a sign complaint or critique of the system or the company. Excellent!"

Integrate any HRIS, SSO or Chat & Collaboration software like Slack or Teams

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Boost Morale

Operationalize Core Values

Why Nectar?

Whether your workforce is remote or not, it's vital to have a system that fosters strong bonds between individuals and teams.

Engrain your company's core values into the DNA of your organization.

Nectar's activity feed displays all the positivity taking place within your organization and empowers everyone to engage in appreciation.